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In December 2005, a veteran Conservator of Forest, Mr Phukan, an IFS officer with an experience of over 25 years in the jungle who worked earnestly in the Tiger project in Manas National Park, helped rescue Rhinos from poachers in Kaziranga, invested his care in the mass Bird Deaths in Jatinga and worked closely with the locals in the preservation of forests along with our wild life enthusiast Mr Ronak and Mr Jairaj took a small group of Australian tourist on a pan Indian jungle tour.

The journey began from Jim Corbett National park and followed a Southern route covering Ranthambore, Tadoba and Kabini ending finally at Kaziranga. Mr Phukan made sure that the group felt nature in all its proximity and attained knowledge of all the flora and fauna with all it’s little nuances. From tracking tigers with their pug marks to identifying the calls of the wild, to learning why the head of a herd of elephant chose to face their vehicle while its family crossed the road from behind to having a narrow escape being chased by a wild Rhino, he took the group through a myriad of episodes which sealed their fellowship with the wild that far outstretched any jungle experience they ever had.

They were elated with this breathtaking experience. Their exuberance with the tour prompted in the hearts of their Indian counterparts, a dream of a wildlife tourism which focusses in bridging the gap between the wild and the humans by bringing the two together at a leisurely ambience. On the final night of their journey, sitting around the campfire, under a clear starry night, a detailed discussion with the Australians unlatched the possibility of harbouring such a dream.

Two year later in October 2007, the idea of launching SUNRICH WILDLIFE TOURISM took form. SUNRICH SAFARIS has been passionately involved ever since in running successful Wildlife safaris with a difference. We have taken inspiration from prominent Wildlife personnels who guided us in designing our tours and laying our foundation since fifteen years. Over time, with our zeal and passion we have outgrown our own possibilities and successfully established a global presence in The AFRICA, UAE, PARIS, IRAQ, GREECE apart from the sub continent of INDIA.

Our unique and unrivalled tours and safaris are laced with extensive knowledge of our specialist guides who have over 25 years of experience in the field. Their unmatched and unparalleled understanding of the wild open up a panoramic view of the jungles for tourists who are willing to take back more than the ordinary experience.Our safaris are orchestrated to tune in almost theatrical and movie-like wildlife sightings in their natural habitat.

While our focus remains in bringing you closer to the wild, we also endeavour to introduce you to the culture, history and heritage of the surrounding cities and villages at a pace desirable to you and your family. Our tour designs are based on knowledge developed over many years of study and deep understanding of every remote corner of the destination so that you can experience the place at its full potential. We also have collaborated with the best hotels and villas in every destination to give you the most luxurious and comfortable stays. And no matter where you choose to go, our local proficient chaperones, will design you an experience, suitable only to your taste, so you can explore fascinating and unimaginable corners of your chosen destination at your own leisure preference.


To bring the Wild closer to you on a platter of luxury and adventure.


To be the top most and the only true luxury Wildlife Tourism company with a difference.


Commitment to our goal, Transparency, Clarity and Proficiency.



Our team has highly skilled and experienced Guides and Naturalists.

H. P. Phukan

H. P. Phukan

Our mentor, inspiration and Guru, Hari Prakash Phukan

One of the most celebrated and respected forest officers of India Mr Phukan was a man of many talents. His relationship with the wild was a kaleidoscope of wild life preservation, protection and promotion. His internationally acclaimed book ‘Death at Jatinga’ featuring the mass deaths of birds in the hills of Jatinga brought in light the rare phenomenon of suicide by the birds in a sleepy village in Halflong while his contribution in the Tiger Project to save the fast dying Tiger population was applauded in the Indian Wild life community. He not only worked closely with the law in hunting down poachers but also single-handedly tended to the wounded and sick wild. Animals flourished under his protection and his proximity to the wild inspired many to attempt an understanding of the wild and care for them. Mr Phukan was also a skilled photographer whose photographs still adorn many forest bungalows and offices in Assam. His immense knowledge of all flora and fauna combined with his passion for the wild was impressively commendable. It is this idea of the wild and the humans that laid the foundation of our Wildlife tourism.

Ronak Shetty

Ronak Shetty

Successful Businessman, Wildlife Photographer, Wildlife enthusiast, Nature Lover.

A Wild life enthusiast and an ardent wildlife photographer, Ronak’s first real intensive encounter with the wild was when he met Mr Phukan in 2004. He instantly attuned to his teachings and adapted to the life of a wildlife traveller with ease. Their numerous wild life safaris and fishing trips brought Ronak closer to the wilderness and he discovered his immense love for the jungle.

Being a businessman he quickly saw the potential and credibility of sharing such experiences with the world. He wanted everyone to feel the closeness he felt with the wild and attain the knowledge he gained of the wild during his safaris with Mr Phukan. Ronak also developed his passion for wild life photography in these tours and today has photographed thousands of species of the wild in their natural habitat. His experience in the hospitality industry, his love for the wild and its understanding along with his powerful business sense are the pillars of our organisation at its best.

Jairaj Vaidya

Jairaj Vaidya

Wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, photographer, wildlife lover and Entrepreneur.

Jairaj Vaidya was immensely mesmerised by the Jungles since his childhood. As he grew up, his prodigious interest in the wild along with his zest to understand the extensive flora and fauna of his country influenced him into studying wild life and understanding their behaviour in their natural surroundings. His evaluation of animal interactions amongst each other and the cause and effect of certain such interactions brings interesting insights to our team. His belief that animals are best observed in their natural habitat to be able to appreciate the thrill and excitement of watching them is the inspiration behind our team goals. “Nothing can beat the thrill of tracking down pug marks or following an animal call”

Jairaj has been visiting jungles in India and around the world for wild life photography for many years, accompanying wildlife loving tourists and researchers alike. These trips have taught him invaluable lessons and given him irreplaceable memories which made him an exciting storyteller who can entice people with innumerable stories from his 13 years in the wild. His tourist friends love travelling with him especially for the stories he shares with them around warm campfires. Jairaj also works closely with many wildlife conservation programs. He has worked together with other naturalists to observe and understand animal behaviour in finding an establishing balance between animals and humans.

Mumpy Shetty

Mumpy Shetty

Nature lover, Wildlife enthusiast, High altitude trekker, Avid reader, Content writer and Creative Entrepreneur.

Having spent her childhood in the jungles on safaris with her forester and nature loving father, Mumpy grew up experiencing the wildlife with all its nuances at close quarter from an early age. While other children spent their time buried in books, Mumpy was in the forest tracking pug marks, following deer calls, getting chased by wild elephants and rhinos, fishing and camping in the jungles.

Her early life revolved around caring and understanding the wild and she gained extensive knowledge from her father about animals and birds while working on bridging the gap between humans and the wild. Her love for nature led her to many high altitude trekking expeditions in the Himalayas where she finds her solace away from her city life.

Her immense love for nature and the untamed, her undying enthusiasm, her modern outlook and disciplined lifestyle along with her hospitality background, creative mind and forging entrepreneurship brings a fresh insight to our team.

Zeeshan Ali

Zeeshan Ali


'The Passion becomes the living,' that's how one can define Zeeshan, a proficient Naturalist who followed his calling into the wild and is living his passion.

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Zeeshan's affection towards the Wild started from an early age which is clearly pronounced from activities he has undertaken in his adventurous life. At 14, he began working as a wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator. In those days, he rescued Snakes and Injured birds and rehabilitated them. That isn’t all, he even saved wilder species such as Leopards and Sloth Bears. Zeeshan believed that his skills and knowledge should reach out to everyone, and to make it happen, he started organizing Educational Programs for school children and farmers alike. He taught them situational First-Aid and subsequent actions to be taken. Mostly in case of Snake-Bites etc. Through these activities, he began creating awareness about Wildlife.

Adding more to his experiences and taking his passion further, he began working at Ranthambore National Park as a Naturalist. At Ranthambore, he studied the Big-Cat's behaviour, their Family Lineage, and their Tracking. He also traveled across many parts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh during this time, exchanging local know hows with his experience.

After exploring every nook and cranny of Ranthambore and expanding his understanding of Rajasthan, he moved to Punjab, he scouted the foothills of the Himalayas, gathering new knowledge of the Wild. Ultimately he began working at Gir, where he studied Lions closely and understood their Behavior, Social structure, and Existence with other wild cats such as Leopards from close quarters. However his interests are not limited to only reptiles and mammals. He is also a keen Bird watcher. Zeeshan has devoted his whole living to the wildlife, and we at Sunrich Safaris feel fortunate to have him on board and pride ourselves in having one of the most talented and experienced Naturalist of various National Parks and other Natural Habitats join hands with us. We are confident that one day we'll reach our goal to Conserve Nature and Create awareness.



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